My journey

Originally from America, I started my career as an actress. As with many roads, mine was never a straight one. 

I worked as an actress, a drama teacher, and an artistic director, then became involved with coaching business professionals and academics with their presentation skills and their confidence. I then realized that I could make an impact beyond the walls of the theater.

This journey has also led me to discover transformational coaching and design thinking and their power to help people discover their paths in their lives and careers.

I hold both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts in acting. During another turn in my road, I completed a Masters of Arts in Russian. I am also an accredited Transformational Coach through Animas and a certified Designing Your Life Coach.

Why work with me

I’ve been helping people from academia and business tell their stories, uncover their unique presence, and connect with an audience for over 15 years.  During that time, I’ve worked in various countries and languages and which has helped me to identify and focus on the universal essentials that help people make their ideas understood, build their presence, and make an impact on an audience across cultures.