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A strong presence is one of the most influential factors in winning an audience. In this workshop, the participants will learn practical tools to “step into” their uniqueness  and harness the potential of their authentic selves in order to create an effective and powerful presence. 

The psychological background of this workshop is informed by transformational coaching and is combined with acting exercises and techniques that help develop their voices, body language, and ease in front of an audience. 

Audiences can sit for hours watching a play unfold. Why? Simply put, we humans love stories. Every time we speak in front of an audience, in essence, we are telling a story. However, especially in academia, creating a captivating presentation feels like a challenge.

So, how do we make our stories heard? This workshop focuses on techniques that help participants find and hone their message, create a compelling narrative, and effectively convey the story of their research and of themselves as individuals.

The skills that this workshop develops are essential for any academics wanting to captivate audiences with presentations at conferences or when applying for professorships.

*limited to 12 participants

Just as actors are under constant pressure to successfully perform in front of an audience and off the stage, women are faced with a unique set of circumstances that create a double-bind.

We are often given a role that we perform in our personal and professional lives that we are not even aware of, and this role may affect the way we see and assess ourselves. Research has shown that, although both sexes suffer from imposter syndrome, women are more likely than men to be adversely affected by it.

This workshop offers women a chance to explore, define and redefine their role in their professional life as well as address the issue of imposter syndrome using unique techniques and exercises from the theater.

*limited to 12 participants

One of the most powerful tools of communication is our voice, not only does it help us convey our ideas it also provides another way for our listeners to understand who we are.

For better or for worse, people judge our intelligence and our trustworthiness by our voice and the way we use it. For professional academics, this is key when it comes to presenting their research, giving a lecture, or putting their best selves forward in an interview.

This one-day workshop is designed to help develop a powerful voice through active practice, individual and group activities, as well as vocal exercises based on Linklater, Fitzmaurice, and Alexander techniques.

*limited to 12 participants

Resilience has been proven to help people not only succeed but also to thrive when facing obstacles and stress. Managing change is a challenge and can often leave us feeling low on emotional and mental resources, but thankfully resilience and grit are something that can be learned and trained. 

This workshop focuses on identifying and building the elements that make us mentally and emotionally resistant to stress and pressure. Participants will learn skills for emotional regulation, sharpen their emotional awareness, gain techniques to reduce anxiety and stress, and understand how to use reframing strategies to make situations more manageable

*limited to 10 participants

*These workshops are offered online or in-person.

Bespoke Workshops & Event Moderation

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