Women in Academia

Do you feel like you’re under constant pressure to prove your worth?

Are you always being judged, questioned, and tested?

Do you need to “be” or “look” a certain way in order to be taken seriously?

I can relate. Believe it or not but the world of academia and the world of theater are very similar. They are both high pressure, competitive environments where the standards are high and the playing field is still not equal.

The female academics I meet are inspiring. They have passion, commitment, and inspiring ideas but they often struggle with low self-confidence, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism.

Although I have left the acting world, I have taken so many valuable lessons and gained incredibly useful and practical tools that I have been sharing with women in academia.

Additionally, I support women by providing one-to-one coaching. I am a certified Transformational and Designing Your Life coach.

Francesca Carlin

One-on-One Coaching

I offer a series of 3-6 sessions for women in academia who are seeking coaching for career planning, work-life balance, or to address issues that stand in their way of presenting their best selves professionally.

Transformational coaching

Transformational coaching focuses not only on the specific goals that the client wants to achieve but also the underlying factors that may be holding them back.

This approach allows for a deeper investigation into the way a client sees themselves and the patterns of thinking or acting that no longer serve their purpose. As a result, clients are able to make significant and longer lasting changes in their professional and personal lives.

Career planning

Many women are interested in using the coaching sessions to address their careers. In addition to transformational coaching I also incorporate design thinking. Design thinking in career design is a creative and practical process to discovering the best path to take professionally.

The approach I use is based on Design Your Life, a program created by two Stanford professors from Stanford’s Design School. It is a very tangible way to prototype career ideas, explore possibilities, and create the career that clients desire.

Women in STEM Virtual Meetup

Women in STEM Virtual Meetup is a great opportunity to connect with women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields from other universities as well as from industry. The goal of these meetups is to build a community for support, networking, and to share resources.

Program coordinators are welcome to join too! This is a chance to connect with colleagues from other universities and share resources and experiences.

If this sounds like it could be useful to you and the female academics you serve, please contact me. I would be happy to tell you more about it and to answer any questions.

We are our best allies and together we stand stronger.