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Tell Your Story: Deliver Your Message and Transform Your Audience

I enjoyed doing the workshop! The presentation slides shared in the digital classroom were visually appealing and well organized. It was a good experience to have Francesca as a coach. She shared her expertise from the field of performances to show how one could prepare before a presentation. She also carried out her coaching in the digital classroom with ease. I benefited from the practice session where Francesca pointed out areas of improvement and provided constructive feedback. Thank you Francesca and my best wishes!

Chandni Basu

Associated Researcher • University of Freiburg

Tell Your Story: Deliver Your Message and Transform Your Audience

This workshop was a great learning experience for me. Francesca walked us through the presentation world, helping each of us understand how to improve our own skills, how to talk to a broad audience and how to express our message effectively. I would recommend to anyone to take part in this workshop in order to learn how to deliver a message in a more powerful way!

Esther Salvi

PhD Student • Technical University of Munich

Tell your Story: Deliver your Message and Transform your Audience

I enjoyed the workshop very much. In entertaining and interesting sessions and exercises, I gained helpful new insights regarding presentation techniques and storytelling. I have learned to recognize the potential for improvements in my presentations to better lead my audience through the story and more efficiently deliver my message. The workshop was held via Zoom, which was not a problem at all, as the course contents were carefully adapted to those new restrictions and Francesca used different technical methods to compensate for the limitations arising from teaching online. Furthermore, Francesca led the workshop in a very sympathetic and motivated manner and always took the time to respond to the individual needs and questions of the participants. Thank you again for your advice that really helped me improve my public speaking.

Carolin Rickert

PhD candidate • Technical University of Munich

Passionate + inspiring + motivating = Francesca

Starting at the very first second Francesca hooks her audience with her catching way to lead the workshop. She manages to find the perfect balance between input and tasks-to-do (for the participants). Her creativity and enthralling viewpoints are an enrichment for everyone. With her precise advice she enabled us to transfer her input in our action very quickly.

Thank you Francesca!

Daniela Wipp

PhD • Technical University of Vienna

Performing under pressure

I really enjoyed the workshop and the conversations with the other researchers. The workshop was well structured and you had enough time for each exercise. Each of the exercises made me think and I learned a lot about myself. But what I liked best was the way Francesca led the course. She had a calm and open attitude and I felt very comfortable talking about my problems and feelings. You felt heard during the course and each participant was given sufficient attention.

Franziska Schirrmacher

PhD student • Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Performing Under Pressure

This was an incredible workshop oriented for women during the period of their PhD. Francesca managed to create an open and authentic atmosphere. Such an achievement over zoom requires special skills! The given advice was very practical, and the tools from the acting field, were surprisingly relevant. Overall, it was very encouraging and helpful. It is hard to describe the value of the workshop in a few words, so I would just recommend to participate in it, if you have the chance. I would also recommend to Francesca to write a book, I would definitely buy it 🙂 Thank you

Tatyana Pozner

PhD • Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Performing under pressure

With the precious help and guidance of our lovely trainer Francesca, thanks to her targeted plan, her listening skills and empathy, her capability of processing our confuses emotions, thoughts, words and of making, out of them, a clear analysis of our doubts, perplexities, concerns and weaknesses and through frivolous but at the same time energetic exercises like powerful body posing and tongue-twisters, we were able to investigate, focus, understand, express and rationalise the main and deepest reasons why me and my 8 workshop buddies (and surely not just us…) feel uncomfortable in the spotlight and consequently we efficiently learn how to take advantage of our personal strengths, personalities and capacities in order to make every possible next stage, that we will be asked to perform on, a new comfort zone and, why not?, to enjoy speaking in public.

My last words just want to thank once again Francesca for her professional work with us and also want to encourage many other potential wonder-women to attend this inspiring workshop.

Dr. Lucrezia Cossetti

Private Coaching

Francesca is a brilliant communication coach.  I specialize in science communication, so I am supposed to already be pretty good at giving talks.  Nonetheless, I asked Francesca for advice; she analyzed my talk and rapidly gave me very useful feedback.  Her advice has changed how I approach public speaking on many levels:  how to construct a talk, how to deliver it, how to manage audience interaction.  Francesca is truly an expert’s expert regarding communication technique.

Brett D. Mensh, MD, PhD

Principal, Optimize Science • Scientific Advisor, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Tell your Story: Deliver your Message and Transform your Audience

Thank you so much for the course! I really enjoyed it a lot, your way of teaching was great. I really liked that you made everyone feel comfortable and secure so that no one was nervous to present and put him/herself out there. Also, I learned many new things about the style to present and how to build up a presentation. I really think this course will help me present my work better. And the things we learned can be used in a relaxed setting like a presentation for a science slam or ted talk, but the things we learned can also be applied to scientific talks and in teaching. And it is immediately useful since I am giving a 15 min. video course to children from 8-12 years old, so the story telling is approach is perfect! I wouldn’t have thought of this without your course!

Dr. Mariette Vreugdenhil

Research Group Remote Sensing • Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation • Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)

Success at Conferences

I found the way that Francesca approached each participant very professional. The most useful experience for me was to get constructive feedback not only from Francesca but also from fellow participants. I am really grateful that Francesca made sure that we enjoy every bit of the workshop


Behailu Shiferaw Benti

PhD Student Europa • Universität Viadrina (VCGS)

Success at Conferences

Having the opportunity to participate in a workshop led by Francesca Carlin, I learned a lot about presentation techniques. Although the workshop was via Zoom and lasted only for two days, her approach was such that she managed to convey to us the key skills needed for a successful presentation not only at academic conferences but in discussion rounds as well. Also, as a professional actress, she gave us an insight into the “secrets” from the world of acting, which, I believe, will help me in the future to present with more confidence.

Thank you Francesca!

Robert Seke

PhD Student Europa • Universität Viadrina (VCGS)

Tell your Story: Deliver your Message and Transform your Audience

I am very satisfied with the workshop. It improved my understandings on how I should present my research infront of a target audience, how to design a talk from the very beginning, and how to get away from anxieties before talking. I loved the structure of the workshop. Mostly, I appreciate how interactive the learning sessions among participants were. I highly recommend this workshop to others.

Marufa Sultana

PhD Candidate • Universität Freiburg

Tell your Story. Deliver your Message and Transform your Audience

I really enjoyed the workshop, not only for all the valuable information regarding to the storytelling process but also for the way of how Francesca carried on it. The workshop was dynamic, with many interactions between the attendees. We practice every concept that we learnt, and that was definitely useful. Thanks Francesca for all you patience and help, and I truly recommend this workshop.

Tamara Vico

Postdoctoral Researcher •  Universität Freiburg

Tell your Story. Deliver your Message and Transform your Audience

I enjoyed the workshop very much. Francesca have been very supportive and encouraging. The techniques she introduced for presentation are not only practically helpful but also very insightful. Personally I got a lot of great ideas from this workshop about how to make an improvement for my presentation skills. The online course form works for me perfectly well. Actually being able to record and see afterwards how much I improved on my presentation is really rewarding. Thank you again for this excellent workshop.

Yuan Dou

PhD candidate • Max Plank Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

Success at Conferences

During My Professional life I have attended various courses on topics such as communication,  presentation e.t.c. but Francesca is the best trainer I have ever met.  After participating in her workshop, you will never be the same speaker, you will undoubtedly be a much better speaker!  It was amazing watching the  evident progress in just two days made by all my group members.  Love the whole group and our cool trainer!

Elene Sichinava

PhD Student Europa • Universität Viadrina (VCGS)

Tell your Story. Deliver your Message and Transform your Audience

Francesca’s workshop taught me that it is much easier to judge others’ work than your own, and hence my workflow becomes much easier if I ask for feedback from peers, preferably at the conceptual phase of my story building process. She introduced us to some immensely helpful tools and concepts such as storyboarding and vocal exercises, and helped us craft a well-rounded presentation at the end of the session. I am totally looking forward to telling my story to whoever would listen. Thank you, Francesca!

Harsha Raghuram

PhD Candidate • Technische Universität Wien

UNILEAD Leadership course

I found the course to be both inspirational and practical to personal and professional career. The experiential learning was really insightful in knowing about myself, the leadership mission for myself. I envision using the leadership principles l learning in my everyday managerial role as well as my career.

Farai Kapfudzaruwa

Grants and Strategic Partnerships Manager •   University of Pretoria

UNILEAD Leadership course

Stepping into a leadership role necessitates learning the fundamentals and concepts, as well as receiving training from an experienced trainer. Furthermore, without an interactive method, this is not possible. All of this was well covered in Francesca Carlin’s UNILEAD 2022 workshop; even though the training was online, it was a very instructive and valuable experience for me. As a result, I’m extremely grateful to Francesca.

Amirhosein Abdorrezayi

Sustainability Researcher • Amirkabir University of Technology

Tell your Story. Deliver your Message and Transform your Audience

Francesca is a very motivating and encouraging teacher and turns the whole workshop into a very pleasant experience (even though it was online)! She structured the workshop in a great way and alternated the tasks between learning new things and applying them. Also, Francesca takes a lot of time to give individual feedback which is super helpful. The workshop got me really excited about structuring my next scientific talk; I finally learned how to structure a presentation beforehand and present even boring data in an engaging and fun way! Thank you so much, Francesca!

Miriam Neuhausen

PhD candidate • University of Freiburg

UNILEAD Colombia 2022

The classes with Franchesca were incredible. Her way of explaining leadership issues and constantly strengthening them with practical exercises, help you understand the content. It has been a very enriching experience and a few very happy days we had together. Thanks Francesca for all your knowledge and charisma.

Daniela Paredes Malma

Docent Universidad Católica •  San Pablo

Get Resilient!

It was a great workshop! The atmosphere was good and you could really open up to the other participants. The theory was interesting and the different techniques to analyze and overcome difficulties were presented well. The many exercises  strengthened these techniques. I am sure that they will help a lot in the future. Thank you!

Lukas Mai

PhD Student • FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Get Resilient!

Francesca is a very great and competent trainer. The workshop imparts techniques, gives practical thought-provoking impulses and takes everyone along. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the workshop as a whole is enriching and insightful. I learned a lot about different resilience-promoting techniques and contexts.

Thank you very much Francesca!

Arne Stumpf

PhD Student • TH Nürnberg

Success at Conferences

This workshop has truly changed my way of preparing and delivering speeches and presentations at conferences. Not only did Francesca Carlin provide us with helpful tools and tips to improve our presentations but she also managed to make the whole workshop fun and engaging, which is a quality that I really appreciate. Using Zoom was not a problem at all, as the platform perfectly allowed the group to work together, even in pairs or in groups of three. Finally, Francesca’s energy and her innovative methods made this workshop a unique experience – thank you again!

David Pappalardo

PhD student • Europa-Universität Viadrina (VCGS)

Success at Conferences

I loved Francesca’s workshop! It was really well structured and gave enough space to work on yourself and your skills. With Francesca’s help, I could not only improve my presentation skills, but I managed to gain different perspectives on my own research and why I am doing it. Thank you Francesca!

Lea Laura Heim

PhD Candidate • Europa-Universität Viadrina (VCGS)